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Shobha Foundation Society was registered as a Society on January 23, 2004 with the initial objective of providing educational facilities to the poorest of poor in the society. Over the years the Society has diversified its interest to include various projects for the benefit of economically weaker and socially neglected people also.

In the last 10 years, the Society has worked tirelessly to help the poorest people to overcome poverty, social exclusion, and mitigating circumstances to lead productive lives. It has supported them in gaining education and livelihood opportunities by facilitating linkages tomarkets to SHGs in particular.

Who We Are.
What We Do.

Society has built up teams whose professional competence contributes significantly in providing skill based training, education and job opportunities to the poors. Internally, the Trust has evolved into a result-oriented, ethical and transparent organisation that seeks to maximise theimpact of all available resources and is fully accountable to all its stakeholders.

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